Yesterday, the music world was shaken with the news that one of its most unique and inspiring artists, David Bowie, passed away after an 18 month battle with cancer. Tributes have poured out from every angle of the globe over the last 18 hours, truly highlighting the remarkable impact he had on this crazy world he lived in. To call Bowie just a “musician” would not do the man justice; he was an icon in every aspect – fashion, film, poetry, literature, production and everything in between.

For a 25 year old musician on the complete opposite side of the globe, Bowie’s music struck a chord with me, but more importantly, his immediate influence astounded me. This was music that was made years before I was born. Music that I had not grown up with. Music that I had never seen live. Yet every lyric felt so familiar, every note so comforting and every image so breathtaking.
Watching the pure emotion and outpour from fellow Australian musicians proves that I am certainly not the first one to feel these feels and I definitely will not be the last. As Paul Verhoeven said in his article in Junkee – everybody has their own Bowie. For me, it is the glam rock mega star and the raw guitar chords x drumsticks at the start of ‘Rebel, Rebel’ that gave me chills the first time I heard them. I actually posted that song on his birthday as a little tribute; it will forever give me chills.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is that although we’ve lost someone who can never, ever be replaced, we’ve also truly been exposed to his enormous influence on the world and the upcoming Australian music scene. To see everyone sharing their perfect image of Bowie and hearing stories of how the music affected them, makes me feel pretty blessed that we got to experience the legend that was. There are a few tributes happening in Melbourne this week, so get along if you’re able. And if you happen to read this & happen to be putting on a tribute show yourself and need some musicians, count me in. From everyone in Australian music, thank you David Bowie. The world will never see someone like you again.

Farewell. Keep your ‘lectric eye on me babe.

Dean Valentino

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