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• James ‘Average Jim’ Jang – Guitar/Mandolin/First Officer aboard the good ship Ogre
• Sam ‘Wailin’ Alien’ George-Allen – Synth/Keys/Pilot extraordinaire
• Mike ‘The Ike’ Day – Drums/Chief Engineer & Intergalactic war hero
• Pete ‘Braveheart’ Tanevski – Bass/Xenolinguist & Meta-morphosiser
Based: Brisbane [for the time being ;)]
Sound Like: alien kisses and swamp monsters
we just released T.E.D. (our first single) and we’ll be dropping another single in the next few months & then our first EP (!!) & then some kind of tour/intergalactic exploration w o w
5 Pizza Toppings:
Veg, cheese (cheddar), cheese (mozarella), cheese (ricotta), cheese (gorgonzola), cheese (misc.)
2 influences:
The Doors; HRH the Beautiful Alien Space Princess, Bjork.
Fav Cartoon as a kid:
Captain Planet
Fav Cartoon Now:
Bob’s Burgers
Fav Pornstar:
(we’ll let Sam take the reigns here) – KENI STYLES <3___<3

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