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Aeora (formerly known as Aura) is back with another single to chill you to the bones. Produced by up and comer Owen Rabbit, ‘Medicine’ is a haunting piece of escapism that cuts to your emotions with an uncanny ease.

The lyrical structure has an intriguing oscillation to it, paired perfectly with the progressive builds and harsh interludes in the production. The layering of vocals creates an effect of self-doubt in the story telling, whilst allowing Aeora’s voice to wrap its way around your mind form the get go. The closing verse, presented with a stabbing tone stands out as a strength. Rising above the fading beats Aeora sings in a manner that is deep in anguish, yet there is a tinge of hope waiting to be accepted by the listener.

‘Medicine’ is a thinly veiled story trapped within the track, with emotions spilling out with ease.  It reveals the versatility of Aeora’s vocal capacity and natural integration when combined with a more powerful set of productions than we have seen her work with in the past. It is becoming abundantly clear that Aeora is an artist to watch, and we can only hope to hear more from her soon.

By Ayden Measham-Pywell.

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