Talk about making an entrance. New guy, Christopher Port has just become the most recent artist to sign to Pieater (Big Scary, Airling, #1 Dads) and it is definitely not what we were expecting. Ports debut single Bump kicks off with a rush of warped percussion and chopped vocal samples and while it is a far cry from Pieaters previous releases, the unique production and attention to detail is very similar to what Tom Iansek of Big Scary / #1 Dads has released lately. That all makes sense, as Port has been a touring member of both bands and has apparently been fine tuning his solo project during his days off on tour. There are so many little things going on in Bump, that its hard to pinpoint WHY its so damn infectious but its definitely an intriguing listen, finely complimented with dark synths, that reminds me a bit of early Hot Chip.

Good to see yet another talent emerge from the wave of bands on this Melbourne label (Also check out our review of Gus Rigbys debut single). Looking forward to hearing what else Christopher Port has in store for us. Check it out below and follow Christopher Port on Facebook.

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