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New kids on the block, Fan Girl recently unleashed their catchy-as-hell, debut single, ‘Small Town’ and have been quickly gathering a bunch of positive attention. The thing that is most captivating about this track is the way that the band throw out the rule book when it comes to typical song format. ‘Small Town’ bursts straight into the chorus with lead man Noah Harris’ (also of The McQueens) vocals guiding the riff-heavy guitars, but the song is quickly steered back with mellow guitars and falsetto in what could be a bridge (we’re still investigating). The band doesn’t sit on this for too long however, as they kick things back into gear with an enormous outro with guitar lines reminiscent of The Strokes. All in all, it is a solid debut that will certainly set the Melbourne six piece up for a promising rest of the year. Looking forward to hearing much more!

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