Chilling you to the bone from the get go, Kaleidoscoper’ is a release to haunt your days in a most beautiful way. Produced by Melbourne based Kalacoma the track uses a clever layering system to capture your mind from the get go.

Hidden behind a series of enthralling lyrics, the track is carried by a left of field percussion structure, never quite hitting where you expect it to. The piece keeps you guessing, and leaves your mind running through a cinematic environment that is unique to the listener. With every listen, you come to notice a cinematic world that is created in your mind that builds in detail, implicit of a work in action. The track never tries to push its way into your mind frame, relying heavily on the nuanced structure, and the isolated moments integrated into this, to stand out and catch your attention. It’s hard to imagine going out of your way to listen to ‘Kaleidoscoper’, but as soon as you catch whiff of the first bar of percussion you are inexplicably drawn in. The greatest strength of the piece is the way in which you don’t realise how badly you are waiting to hear it until you are listening to it, then it is all you could ever need.

Kalacoma have their sophomore EP coming out later in 2016, with ‘Kaleidoscoper’ being the first single off it, it is hard to imagine that it will be a release that will go unnoticed. We are bound to have a wealth of new images poured over us via the band, and can only expect that the EP will provide a context that will ingrain ‘Kaleidoscoper’ even further into our day to day mind frame.

By Ayden Measham-Pywell

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