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ABABCd’s concept is simple. Get a lineup of rad bands and turn the Gasometer into a film set to record their performance, interview the bands and soak up all their wisdom and bask in the adoring crowd’s appreciation. Arriving at the venue I was initially intimidated by the number of cameras, paranoid at some point I’d stumble into one and ruin everything. Luckily this didn’t happen and once the gig got underway the cameras were quickly forgotten.

First band out of the rank was everyone’s favourite indie six piece The Ocean Party. ‘Light Weight’ and ‘Guess Work’ got the audience moving, while Zac Denton’s appearance in the crowd, to have a boogie, definitely served as a set highlight. Perhaps the most endearing quality of The Ocean Party is that each member gets to sing lead vocals for a song or two. While it often makes it hard to guess who’s singing if you’re not paying attention, the different vocal styles of each member offers a new twist to the band’s sound and overall vibe.

Next up, Totally Mild delivered their signature brand of breezy indie rock. The best way to describe them is that they play guitar music as though it were accompanied with a side of honey and are simply impossible to dislike. The band played a lot of new material that was well received but also slipped in old favourites Nights’ and Christa’ much to the delight of the crowd. While the band go into hibernation to record their new album I would highly suggest spinning their cracking debut album Down Time. 

Local punk heroes Ausmuteants arrived on stage and things got hectic pretty quickly. Proudly displaying their setlist on a giant canvas, the band’s renowned short and punchy songs were delivered at such a fast rate it was almost too hard to keep up. ‘Freedom of Information’ is the one song that everyone up the front seems to know every word to, and if you managed to stay upright chances are you would have been fist pumping your little heart out.

While I mopped my brow and hydrated the crowd packed in tightly around the stage to get a good view of Melbourne’s most glamorous band Pearls. The band also chose to air some new material but also slotted in older tracks ‘Pretend Your Mine’ and ‘Big Shot’. Louder than you might initially assume, the band looked every part the headliner despite the equal billing.

ABABCd is quickly becoming an institution and easily one of the most exciting things to pop up in the musical calendar. While the next gig will be the season finale, the promise of the show returning bigger and better is incredibly exciting. May musical television burn brightly and never die.

By Holly Pereira / @pseudoholly

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