Getting to review bands is a pretty sweet gig. When it’s one of your favourite bands, that’s even sweeter! And when that band puts on one hell of a performance… well it doesn’t really get much better than that.

As I walked into the Palace to see Vegas legends The Killers for the fourth time, I already knew I was in for another memorable show. The atmosphere in the air was absolutely electric and by 8:45 the venue was nearly packed to the brim.

The early influx of people were treated to an energetic performance by Steve Smyth, who’s blues infused songs provided the perfect warm up to what was about to follow.

We nudged our way further into the crowd, making friends and foes, desperately trying to get right into the heart of the energy flowing around The Palace.

The crowd went absolutely ballistic as the smiling quartet marched on to the stage and casually burst into their biggest hit ‘Mr. Brightside’. With an opener as brilliant as this, I knew that the band had prepared one hell of a show for Melbourne. After taking a moment to absorb the air, lead man Brandon Flowers tucked into Sam’s Town’s ‘Interlude’ and then ‘The Way It Was’ off 2012’s Battle Born.

The audience cheered and sung so loud that it was difficult to hear what was happening on stage. It was how I imagined an early Beatles gig was and times I noticed myself freezing and just admiring what was taking place in front of me.

The performance was flawless and the set was perfectly balanced with a good mix of songs from all the albums. ‘Smile Like You Mean It’, ‘Human’ and the unexpected ‘Under The Gun’ were all greeted with enthusiasm and by the time they powered through the crowd involved ‘For Reasons Unknown’, I was absolutely speechless. Maybe it was the more intimate venue, maybe it was the fact that Brandon constantly had such a warm, appreciative smile on his face… whatever the reason – something about this show just made me feel so ‘connected’ to the band – it was quite incredible.

Briefly leaving the crowd after three absolutely epic songs in a row (‘Read My Mind’, ‘Runaways’ and ‘All Theses Things That I’ve Done’), the boys returned to end the night with absolute style.
Encore songs included  ‘Be Still’, ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ and what I personally consider one of the greatest modern day songs ‘ When You Were Young’.

A brilliant performance which heightened my appreciation for live music even more… definitely another amazing Killers experience.

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