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A new venue, a new boost of life. Listen Out is back for another road to summer glory

Hours away from the lord and savour Childish Gambino jumps on stage, we arrive early to see Australian legends Client Liaison. The sun shining bright, and the sea breeze keeping everything fresh. A healthy crowd, well dressed and ready for the party to begin.

Something about the new location, mixing Listen Out and Palm Tree’s worked out a treat. Not saying that 2014 and 2013 were terrible, but 2015 had it all.

Stand out act had to be George Fitzgerald, and of course Ryan Hemsworth. Underdogs through out the entire festival, didnt attract as many as Childish Gambino did, but the festival had its moments of greatness.

Bring on 2016, lets hope for more palm trees and pina coladas


Photos | Aleksandar Jason

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