We’ve been enormous fans of Melbourne’s Neighbourhood Youth since they caught our attention back in 2012 with their skyrocket riffs and infectious drum grooves. After a stint touring the UK, then writing new material behind closed doors, the boys returned last year with the skin tight numbers  ‘Feel Our Cold’ and ‘For Nothing’ which threw them back in the spotlight and playing along side the likes of Worlds End Press and Tiny Little Houses.
Tonight, though, we are chuffed to be premiering their latest single – ‘Atlantic’, which is set to feature on the band’s sophomore EP, due later in the year.

‘Atlantic’ is by far Neighbourhood Youth’s most valiant effort yet, with guitar lines and vocal hooks that tease the listener bit by bit, before finally erupting into a whirlwind of grit and emotion. But while the music is so confidently steered, it is the unexpected lyrics from bassist Sam Nathan and the baritone delivery of singer John Philip that truly make this song stand out as one of their best. The lyrics actually follow the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon, who pass away after giving birth, so that their children can survive by feeding off their body. Heavy. It’s the raw nature of the lyrics that make ‘Atlantic’ so intriguing with each listen, as well as the way it is all so perfectly executed. Huge stuff from the Melbourne band, who are set for a busy, busy 2016!

Check out the newbie from Neighbourhood Youth below; streaming exclusively here all night and follow the guys on Facebook !

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