We had a chat to Green Buzzard’s lead singer Paddy Harrowsmith right before the release of their EP Easy Queezy Squeezy. Already receiving a significant amount of buzz, the band are set to have their biggest year yet and are eager to embark on their first headline tour around Australia.

How do you feel in the lead up to your EP release and debut headline tour?
Excited! The EP tracks are all really old now, it’s been a couple of years since we even recorded them. It’s been a long time putting them out, so it’s exciting to finally put them out there.

What was the motivation for releasing those songs as opposed to newer material you’ve been working on?
We really want to take a snapshot of everything we’ve done in the past. I’ve been in bands before where we’ve sat on songs for so long and they’ve never really seen the light of day. We wanted to put these songs out to show what we started the band with and then go forward and do stuff we’re working on now. They were really good songs and we were afraid they’d go by the wayside if we didn’t do anything with them. That’s the main reason we’re putting them out, we love these songs.

Do you feel a sense of urgency to release an EP given that you’ve attracted a lot of attention in the last year?
There’s not really a sense of urgency but you do kinda have to put something out to back up any sort of talk. It’s a bit silly that we’ve only put out three songs. You kinda have to put something a bit more substantial out and I’m excited to release something a little bigger than just a single out into the world. There’s only so much talk you can have until you actually start to put things out. I like to take my time and wait until things arrive, hence why we sat on these songs for so long. We remixed them and have been working on them for a couple of years. 

How’s it been working with I OH YOU?
We get along great. Johann’s a pretty cruisey guy and lets you do what you want to do. That’s probably the best thing about I OH YOU. They do have their input but they really do let you do what you want to do. That’s why we like being with those guys. 

Could you tell us a little bit more about the inspiration behind the video for ‘(I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart’?
We did it with a couple of friends of ours, Mitchell Grant and Tyson Perkins. They’ve done film clips for other friend’s bands and we really wanted to do something with them. Huw who plays bass mocked up the cover for the single and we liked the aesthetic of it as it reminded us of the afternoon ABC kids shows. We thought it was really funny and cool. We also wanted to play around with wearing all white overalls, we thought it’d make a really striking image throughout the entire video. We also really loved those really cheesy ABBA and 70’s film clips, where they turn and they’re all really well framed and in every shot everyone’s in a different pose. The song itself is a bit tongue in cheek so we wanted to the film clip to be nothing too serious.

What’s in the name Easy Queezy Squeezy?
It’s a good rhyme really. It’s a lyric in one of the songs called ‘Motor Cars and Jaguars’. I liked the sound of it and again it’s not too serious. It’s a bit of a pisstake itself, essentially that’s it.

What do you enjoy about playing live and where are some of your favourite places to play live?
It’s quite funny trying to get all these songs working in a live band. A lot of them we’ve written so long ago, even before some of the guys had joined. I feel like we’re still becoming a band and each show has been a big learning process. We were kind of thrown in the deep end by just playing our first show after we released our first song. I feel like we’re still learning and that’s probably the coolest part, we’re getting better as a band with every show. I’m really liking how it’s taking place at the moment and it’s all starting to fall into place live. These songs are starting to click now really for the first time, that’s why I’m also looking forward to playing this tour. We’re the best we’ve been as a band. The best places to play live? I love playing in Adelaide and Perth, I love going to those places. It’s awesome. Everyone there is sort of like an underdog, it’s always a highlight touring that side of Australia.

I caught you live for the first time at BIGSOUND last year. What’s it like to showcase at industry events like that?
It’s kinda weird at those things. I much prefer playing normal gigs as they’re far more fun. We played two shows that night – one that was a more industry one and the I OH YOU party at 1am. I much preferred the 1am show. It’s a bit uncomfortable playing those things, they’re a bit sterile. But I guess you’ve got to take the good with the bad and just sort of do those things.

What have been some of your highlights playing in a Green Buzzard far?
Getting to play our first tour supporting our good friends and one of our favourite Australian bands Bad//Dreems. We really wanted to play with those guys when we released our first single. That was cool, getting to do a tour with them and a really good introduction to playing live as Green Buzzard. That’s been the highlight so far but I’m hoping our upcoming tour will be our new highlight.

Who are some of your dream bands to play with?
Guided By Voices! They broke up but now they’re back together so it’s still possible. They might break up again in a month though so I don’t know if it’ll happen. Guided By Voices are my favourite band of all time and to play on the same stage as Robert Pollard would be a dream come true.

How do you go about writing your music – is it a collaborative process?
This EP is kind of a weird one, like I said the songs are so old they started with just myself and James on drums and then a new member has joined along the way. As a new member has come along there’s been new inputs recorded or mixed in. It’s been really strange for us to make this EP. The new songs we’ve been writing since then as a five piece have been far more collaborative and how a normal band would write a song with five different people and five different ideas. They’ll start with one person and we’ll all add something. It’s now a more collaborative band.

Do you or any of the other members in the band work on music outside of Green Buzzard at all?
At the moment I’m just doing Green Buzzard and writing songs for that. Everyone else has something else on the side. We’ve all been in bands before and written different stuff for different things. Everyone’s got a bunch of projects that they’re twiddling away at.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
We’re going to put this EP out and then I guess play it by ear. We’ve got a bunch of things in the pipeline. We’re going back in to record, just demoing and doing some pre-production and working on some other stuff for a release later in the year. I’m not exactly sure what that will be or when that will be. Other than that we just want to keep touring and playing live shows.

Easy Queezy Squeezy is out via I OH YOU on April 1st.

By Holly Pereira

Tour dates

31 March – Shebeen, Melbourne

1 April – Rocket Bar, Adelaide

2 April – The Foundry, Brisbane

9 April – Newtown Social Club, Sydney

By Holly Pereira / @pseudoholly

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