The wait is over for fans of Adelaide punk rock legends Grenadiers. As Australia eases in to another scorching summer, Grenadiers are excited to release their first record in 4 years and it sure had been worth the wait. Lead single and title track ‘Summer’ dropped pre-Christmas and was immediately added to triple J rotation! We caught up with the guys to chat about life & being feature artists on triple J!
Hey Grenadiers! You’re embarking on an East Coast tour soon, what are you most excited for on tour?
Eating pizza, drinking beer, seeing a bit of our beautiful east coast, and sharing our new album with people.
What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a gig?
I think I’ve erased all the important memories to be honest.
What can someone expect to see at a Grenadiers live show?
Three dudes playing hard basically. But that’s only because we can’t afford pyrotechnics or dancers yet.
You guys were just announced as Triple J’s next feature album, what were your reactions when you first found out?
It was pretty surprising- it’s not often that a band like us will be selected for something like that, but hey I’ll take it! I just hope Australia doesn’t hate our guts by the end of the week.
What do you guys want to achieve in the long run as a band?
I’d really like to do a collab with Kanye, and potentially be on Bob Geldof’s next “feed the world” re-recording. And I definitely won’t consider us a success until at least one of us has died in a spontaneous gardening accident.
Who are some awesome Radelaide bands you think we should check out?
Horror My Friend, Paper Arms, Hydromedusa, Sparkspitter, The Burning Sea.
Last but not least, what colour are your socks?
I’m barefooted right now.
By Wendy Pham

 Check the guys out on tour soon!
Friday Jan 30 – Melbourne – Gasometer
Wednesday Feb 4 – Wollongong – Rad Bar
Thursday Feb 5 – Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza
Saturday Feb 7 – Brisbane – Trainspotters
Saturday Feb 14 – Adelaide – Crown & Ancor

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