Its no secret that there has been a recent influx of talent emerging from Melbourne lately. From house to funk and of course the newly popular ‘Melbourne Bounce’, it seems that Melbourne is hitting hard, and among this talent are disco duo ‘Back Back Forward Punch’. Formed in 2008, this duo have perfectly matured their sound into what they refer to as “velvety disco”, which is showcased in their latest single Zero to Disco. Starting out with just a fading synth, the track teases the listener with a few seconds of silence just before continuing with a bang. By the time the vocals are introduced it’s hard not to find yourself grooving along to the mesmerizing melody, and by the chorus it becomes almost impossible not to dance. The chorus is a explosion that offers everything we’ve ever loved in disco, and a few added surprises. The use of percussion, and FX do excellently to maintain the flow while still managing to add to the overall feel of the song.

Just as before, the duo treat the listener to a moment of silence during the bridge, which is quickly followed by the introduction of a synth that rings and leaves the listener with the urge to smile and dance. The synth builds into the last chorus, which is succeeded by a funky outro, leaving the listener satisfied, while still craving more of ‘Back Back Forward Punch’. This track perfectly summarizes the duo; everything we love in disco and some unexpected pleasant surprises. With the release of their latest single, it’s obvious that Back Back Forward Punch are destined for big things and are definitely are duo to watch out for.

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