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The first single ‘Under’ by Crooked Hands is full of promise and sorrow, serving as the perfect introduction to the Newcastle band.

Formed by vocalist and songwriter Christopher Brown in the early months of 2012, the band were able to expand on the songs written by Brown in late 2011, turning them into fully fleshed out songs with a chilling atmosphere.

It almost feels intrusive listening to ‘Under’ as it features incredibly emotional lyrics accompanied by a haunting arrangement, taking listeners on a journey into Brown’s most private thoughts. The song turns longing and desperation into something beautiful without becoming a cheesy commercial ballad. Brown’s vocals add to the fragility of the song and the mixture of reverberated guitars and piano make for a captivating four minutes.

The band draws influences from the likes of Bon Iver and City & Colour which is immediately apparent when listening to ‘Under’. It’s obvious that the band have carefully honed their craft and this works to their benefit as the song is polished without sounding too meticulous. The band may struggle to generate a great deal of buzz in the Australian music scene but it’s clear that they will easily attract a loyal and dedicated following.

By Holly Pereira


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