Great news for fans of experimental hip-hop legend DJ Shadow (aka Joshua Paul Davis) with the American music producer announcing the release of his upcoming album The Mountain Will Fall, which will hit the shelves on June 24. This will be the artist’s first full-length release since 2011’s The Less You Know, The Better and his first release since 2014’s The Liquid Amber EP.

The 43-year-old prodigy has teamed up with hip-hop group Run The Jewels for the 12-track album which is said to feature a shift toward a more original composition & soundscape, featuring a vast display of experimental beats & textures, synthesizers and live instrumentals with a delicious sample of brass and bass.

The first track to be released, ‘Nobody Speak’, is a good sampler of what to expect. The track starts off with a “cowabunga” of groove-like surf guitar chords setting a mood-heavy foundation that rolls into some sluggish bass.

‘Nobody Speak’ is a good example of Shadow’s need and feel for atmosphere and melody, with the song paying heed to 90’s trip-hop. Also present is an underlying sociopolitical agenda with the chorus heeding, “Eh, do you wanna hear a joke? Nobody speak, nobody get choked” incorporated with the comically-violent presence of Run The Jewels who add some slapstick banter with an anti-Trump jab and lyrics about shooting a baby duck dead for the crime of quacking, with a gun bought from Ruger.

The tracks lyrics may be comical, but the essence of the song takes a deeper no-bullshit look on the state of politics and modern society, where police brutality rule the streets and a toupee-wearing clown has a shot at presidency.

The Mountain Will Fall will be released via Mass Appeal Records June 24

By Taylor Anne Koniw

The Mountain Will Fall TRACKLIST:

01 The Mountain Will Fall
02 Nobody Speak (ft. Run the Jewels)
03 Three Ralphs
04 Bergschrund (ft. Nils Frahm)
05 The Sideshow (ft. Ernie Fresh)
06 Depth Charge
07 Mambo
08 Ashes to Oceans (ft. Matthew Halsall)
09 Pitter Patter (ft. G Jones & Bleep Bloop)
10 California
11 Ghost Town
12 Suicide Pact
13 Swerve (iTunes Bonus Track)

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