Hoodlem presents an intoxicating fusion of R&B and electronic in their debut self-titled EP, Hoodlem. The Melbournian outfit, who run under a guise of anonymity, deliciously blends soulful vocals and experimental beats in the 5-track EP, with a soundscape which takes listeners on an effortless journey into their vivid musical world.

Opener track ‘Collapse’ is sensual, doused in layered instrumentals, glitchy electronica and rounded out with a careful balance of jazz and urbane influences. ‘Collapse’ really sets the tone for the remainder of the EP, with each track intertwining with only slight differences in tone. ‘4 Real’ features a symphony of hand claps and a more pulsating and bold percussion, weaving in and out of blissfully soulful lyrics which are more provocatively vocal than supporting tracks. The melodies featured in ‘4 Real’ are praise-worthy, and highlights this groups intricate talent for blending different genres and experimental beats.
Actually, the entirety of this EP sums up Hoodlem as an act, a band, and producer. Just like the faces behind the act, the music itself somewhat hides in a blanket of obscurity; it can’t be placed or pigeon-holed. There is a unique fusion of old and new, digital and analogue, the real and the bizarre.

Hoodlem EP is both sensible and irrational; it is an EP that is intimate and mood-setting, great for a quiet night in or a dinner party with close friends. On its own, it is a whimsical escape into a rich tapestry of layered sounds and lust-worthy vocals ready for your complete undivided attention.

By Taylor Anne Koniw.


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