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Something that has always bothered me is that I truly have absolutely no talent when it comes to singing. What saddens me further is hearing male vocalists hit the highest of notes without sounding like your dog’s broken squeaky toy. Although I could have explained this a lot nicer, this is just one of the many charming elements that Matt Corby’s new track ‘Resolution’ exudes.

With very rhythmic, intricate guitar playing and cutesy lyricism, we hold hands with ‘Resolution’ down a slow yet soothing journey. The instrumentation is vast, and encapsulates a place of solace. Rolling around the curb, we meet a new friend to latch onto our union; the harmony that forms between Corby and the track’s female vocalist.

Once you fall into the thick of the track, it’s hard not to feel the emotion and soul that Corby musters into his delivery. It’s a pretty special thing.

Finally a tune we can talk about after the longevity of ‘Brother’ and its popularity, ‘Resolution’ can be all yours as it is available to purchase now off iTunes. Hopefully this is a peep hole into a full-length album!

 By Hannah Galvin

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