Stay at Home Son, the moniker behind Melbourne’s Jesse Martin-Allen, has released his self-titled debut EP.  With distant, sultry vocals the EP washes over you like a half forgotten dream, with the beats lingering long past the listening experience.

The EP has a polish to it that is hard to find on many debut releases. It doesn’t leave much room for development in this regard, but shows off the full capacity of Stay at Home Son to produce a carefully layered experience. ‘Trouble’ teases a boldness in isolation, it is the first point of attachment that the listener really experiences. The lyrics, still presented in Martin-Allen’s hazy lilt, have a more forward direction than at any other point. Its position as second track on the EP is a strange one in many regards. ‘Bluffs and Blocks’ matches its quality in regards to the instrumental production, but is somewhat lacklustre in the vocal department. This makes it nothing more than a teaser for what’s to come once you start listening to the EP on repeat.

‘Alive Again’ again tries for a boldness to its lyrical structure, but it’s the jumps in energy in the production that open it up to capture your attention.  The track plays on your mind in a hypnotic manner, pushing a sound that feels like a more expertly handled copy of the post-Flume’s debut time period. The track just spins around your head, waiting for you to catch onto it. Closing on ‘Tired’, it is clear where Martin-Allen’s strengths lie. With simple beats, and easy lyrics to, ‘Tired’ is the hook to bring you back to the Stay at Home Son.  It’s an impressive release, that while expertly produced, could do with a bit of work in regards to creating a truly immersive release. It’s clear that Stay at Home Son has the potential to win his way into our daily routines and hearts, so it will be interesting to see where the future takes him.

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