Trying to avoid the ever-so-popular pop/rock bands dominating triple j Unearthed at the moment, The Walking Who take their influence from the 60’s, in a soft, guitar-driven, psychedelic rock ballad that just screams Syd Barrett or Lou Reed. ‘With Roses’ really showcases the soft, chilling vocals of Rohin Brown and when paired with Paul McLean’s and Jay Drury’s bass and drum skills, produces a easy-going, surf song not typically expected of The Walking Who based from their previous work.

Despite veering from their typical, more guitar-heavy tracks, ‘With Roses’ really excites us about the future of The Walking Who, who was just announced as the winner of the FBi Radio ‘Northern Lights Competition’, which will see them play the Airwaves Festival in Iceland alongside the likes of The Flaming Lips, Caribou and The Knife.

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