We love playlists. And we love hearing what some of our favourite artists would chuck in their own playlists. Refer to Montgomery’s ‘7 songs to rollerblade to’ and Crayon Field’s album inspirations. This time round, we’ve teamed up with Adelaide’s own, Grenadiers to discuss seven songs about different aspects of life in Australia – AKA, ‘The Australian Experience’

The Drones – Tarman Shud
A big “fuck you” to everything wrong with the mindset of people who’ll tell you what it is and isn’t to be “Australian”. Ironically, the ones most likely to tell you what constitutes some kind of Australianity are the ones least likely to know anything about the history of the land they live on. If you’re going to try and tell people what they can and can’t be, you should at least have some context or evidence to back up your ridiculous bullshit.

Midnight Oil – Kosciusko
Like many Oils songs, a tribute to the First Nations people who were so brutally driven from their lands and lives. It’s an incredibly fundamental and important aspect of our history, and one that shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of the effect it still has on who we are today, whether you’re indigenous or not. Also, the concert this live footage is taken from is, in my opinion, some of the greatest concert footage ever shot.

Goanna – Solid Rock
Another very important reminder of where we stand, and the sacred relationship between this land and its first peoples, which has been irrevocably sullied over the last 200 years.

Cosmic Psychos – Nice Day To Go To The Pub
I can’t hit the local watering hole without getting this song stuck in my head these days. Perhaps the most exotically over-the-top band in the Australian punk rock canon, the Psychos are undoubtedly a national treasure, and for me this is the best song about pubs- beats Slim Dusty any day.

The Saints – (I’m) Stranded
I don’t know whether this was the lyrical intent or not, but this perfectly sums up the pure geographical distance between Australia and the rest of the world. Maybe that isolation is a big part of what made The Saints such an important band- having an undeniably “punk” sound, yet being massively divorced from all of that as it was developing overseas. It gives the band a unique character which I think makes them (along with Radio Birdman) my favourite band of the era.

Paul Kelly – From St. Kilda To Kings Cross
Paul Kelly couldn’t not make it on to this list. The man is a living legend and while his songs transcend place or time, they do often have a distinctly Australian flavour to them. This track in particular, for obvious reasons.

Razar – Task Force
Let’s be honest, there’s nothing new about punk kids not getting along with the cops. However, this particular songs speaks so loudly of the era it’s from (namely the insanely repressive, corrupt and backward Queensland government under Joh Bjelke-Petersen) that I thought it was worth chucking in here. It shares the snotty anti-authoritarian sentiment of the British and American punk sounds, but in a quintessentially Australian way.

And one from the lads themselves.

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